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Saturday, April 7

Scrapbooking: News

A Musician Using Scrapbooking To Win Music Gigs?

Savvy musicians are realising the age-old craft of scrapbooking holds many secrets to helping them win gigs over the rest of their competition.

Echuca, VIC (
PRWEB) April 28, 2006 -- Who would've guessed that scrapbooking and music could work hand in hand? Apart from both being age-old hobbies and requiring skills developed with many hours of practice they seem to be worlds apart. Yet savvy independent musicians have been using scrapbooking -- or a rough form of it -- for years to promote themselves to the music industry and the public. Now they are realizing how much scrapbooking can actually help to set them apart from “their competition”.

That “CRAZY” Aussie Country Music Artist -- Brian Lord -- is one of the new breed of Independent Artists turning to the skills of scrapbooking to gain an “edge” over his rivals.

"Being an independent artist and needing to organize my newspaper clippings and many other promotional items, I used to do it in plain old large scrapbooks; like the kind kids use at school. Then one morning I saw a news flash on TV about scrapbooking. It really had me intrigued. It was only once I started getting my teeth into scrapbooking in a bigger way that I realized I'd always been using a very rough form of the craft. Nowadays I try to be a bit classier although I still have a great deal to learn yet," stated Brian.

Scrapbooking is such a huge billion-dollar worldwide industry now and takes so many twists and turns that even seasoned scrappers find it hard to keep up. Of course there are many online and offline scrapbooking resources available including magazines, books and large scrapbooking meetings such as the upcoming Manhattan Crop and Shop festival and the Farmington City scrapbooking fair. Avid scrappers tend to travel far and wide to attend these huge festivals and often they place a large emphasis not only on what is available for scrapbooking enthusiasts but on the participation aspect of scrapbooking by running tutorials and classes at the meetings. These are usually packed out and are a great way for all like-minded “croppers” to interact.

Typically though, scrappers or croppers (as scrapbooking enthusiasts are known) have trouble finding the *right* information to help them get started or pick up on new techniques, mainly because there is just so much information out there -- even the festivals can be confusing. So Brian recommends a great online resource e-book written by Kym Michelle called "How To Scrapbook -- Scrapbooking For Fun". “You can be a total beginner through to an advanced scrapper and you’ll still find this e-book ("How To Scrapbook -- Scrapbooking For Fun") to be an excellent all-round resource for a small $37 investment," stated Brian, “it has well and truly paid for itself many times over for me.”

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Friday, April 6

Scrapbooking Ideas: For Kids

Many times at auctions, or estate sales, a box of books will turn up a real treasure, like a scrapbook that was kept by someone in their youth and sometimes through their adulthood. The book could be 50 or 60 years old, and a source of great fun to look at the pictures, news clippings, and personal mementos.

The hobby of keeping such collections is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, with people of all ages finding new and inventive ways to record special events or occasions in their lives. Scrapbooking ideas for kids can be very basic to start with, because once they catch on to the fun, they'll start developing their own sense of style and preference for decorating.

A scrapbook with reasonable quality paper makes a great special occasion gift for a child, along with glue, scissors, and perhaps a simple book on creating your own special treasure trove of memories.

Give them a start on their hobby by helping with the first entry, to celebrate the occasion such as a birthday. Cover a page in the gift paper that the book was wrapped in, and then tape or glue a photo of them in the center of the page. A package of 2” x 4” white labels is a handy part of any scrapbooking package, as they provide a clear area to put text, and can be stuck over top of an older label with outdated information. This is a handy way of adding your caption or comments to highly decorated pages.

Colored pencils, crayons, markers, and other artistic tools will also contribute to their enjoyment, as they use them to enhance a page with a photo of their new puppy, by drawing bones, mailmen, balls, and other doggy subjects around the picture.

Scrapbooking ideas for kids are only limited by their imagination in what they collect and use, from photos, to news clippings, souvenir programs from concerts, hair ribbons, ticket stubs from movies and more. They can even make mini scrapbooks of things like a visit to Grandma's, and give it to her as a Christmas present.

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Wednesday, April 4

Scrapbooking Idea: Card Project

If you are interested in a card project made with the Tsukineko VersaFine products, get over to Scrapbooking Paradise.

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Scrapbooking Tip: Color


Color coordination and contrast will highlight and accent your scrapbook. A well thought out color scheme can help define the theme of a page, attract attention to specific items, or detract away from mistakes. Poorly chosen color schemes, on the other hand, can cause your scrapbook page to look gaudy or mismatched.

Background colors can either be matched, coordinated, or contrasted with the colors in your photographs, mementos, or embellishments. Matching colors add to the continuity of the color scheme. Coordinated colors add depth to scrapbook pages. Contrasted colors focus the eye. In this way, color can be used to create the effect you desire.

A great way to see how colors look together is to collect and compare color wheels from your local paint or hardware store. Paint wheels are usually available free for the taking in nearly any paint department.

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Sunday, April 1

Scrapbooking Tips: Scrappers Talk Radio

There is a new online radio program called Scrappers Talk Radio that renews its broadcast every Monday, but you can listen to it whenever you like.

It gives scrapbooking tips, so it would be worth you checking it out.


Scrapbooking Layouts: A Life Time of Impressions: Project Share

I thought that this scrapbooking work at A Life Time of Impressions: Project Share was an inspiration.

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Saturday, March 31

Scrapbooking Tips: 20 More

Here's some more scrapbooking tips to help inspire you creative artistic talents.

20 More Scrapbooking Tips by CJ Roberts

1.) Go to a workshops!!

2.) Organize your paper by color. Take all your short cuts and paper packs and put all the same colors together. This will make it really easy when looking for that perfect color you want!

3.) Use idea books. CASE!! Copy and Steal Everything and then act like it was your idea! Idea books are great and really help you get going on a page.

4.) Designate an area in your home that you can scrapbook (if you can - many can't) It is best if you can leave it out all the time so that if you just have 10, 20, 30 minutes or more you can sit down and do it!

5.) Get your kids involved. Mine use to (what I thought) bothers me because they wanted to scrapbook too. I got them all an album and a tape runner so they can be with me and work on their own albums. They love it!

6.) Give your kids the photos you want to throw away because they aren't that great or you have duplicate copies. They will LOVE them. My 6 year old just wants to do what I am doing and doesn't care how "good" the photo is.

7.) Take your personal trimmer to your kid's practices. You can fill the drawer with photos, corner rounder, sm. Circle & oval cutter. and blades, and crop while at practice. Bring journal boxes too! See next tip!

8.) Journal at your kids practice. Bring some pre-made journaling boxes and write about some of your photos or vacations.

9.) Start a Crop Club. Set one night a month or every other month so that you and your friends can get together and CROP the night away! Rotates who hosts the crop club.

10.) Crop your photos and photo mounting paper first. After you have done this it is easier to come up with a page layout.

11.) Use White Space Generously. It is OK to have some white space on a page. Giving your pictures room to breath helps declutter your pages and achieves a pleasing layout.

12.) Bring your camera to as many places as you can. That way you never have to say "I wish I had my camera" It is easier these days with camera phones but not everyone has one!

13.) Are your pictures always of your kids and spouse? Make it a point to have someone take pictures of you being there too! (this is something I am still working on)

14.) Zoom IN! Take some close up shots. These are some of my favorite photos of my kids and pets

15.) Take pictures of the water at the beach, flowers at the flower patch, etc. You can use those pictures by punching them out into shapes and creating a border.

16.) Get your photos developed! If you have a digital camera get them off there and printed up. A great way to organize your pictures on the computer is to use the Memory Manager (make sure you make prints of them too). This is the best photo organizational tool I have used on the computer. It is perfect for those of us with a scrapbooking mind.

17.) Have a new baby? Purchase the 7x7 Disney Album and a Large T-shirt (one that would fit when the child is 12 or so) from the Disney store. Every year take a picture of your child in the T-Shirt. You will have a complete album about the incredible shrinking shirt. You can do this with other items too, such as a rocking chair, rocking horse - use your imagination!

18.) Vacation Tips. Collect memorabilia wherever you go. This includes: maps, postcards, ticket stubs, itineraries, menus, brochures, hotel stationary, restaurant matchbooks or coasters and boarding passes. Plan to journal everyday. Bring a journal and take note of such things like; feelings, initial reactions, sounds, smells, tastes, weather, places you loved or didn't love, surprises and disappointments. This is going to really help when it is time to create your pages. Take pictures of signs too, they will add words to the images in your story.

19.) Be selective with your photos. Make your album a showcase of your best photos.

20.) Go to a WORKSHOPS!!!!

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